Grateful Dead IKO BEAR BELT Cotton Snap Wrap Belt With Embroidered Iko Bear

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Our snap belts are so easy to wear. They add color and extra funk to any outfit, plus it keeps your cellphone and those other things you need,safe. And every one of them are so unique as they are done from patchwork. We use a solid panel and then we over layered the patchwork on each belt, this means you get a unique one due to the patchwork available at the time of sewing these amazing belts. Some belts might have flowers, prints, circles, bright prints or dark prints on them and this is one of the reasons whey they are so Amazing....we used all the little trims to save wastage and to prevent these trims to go to landfill, therefore you are part of the change by understanding that patchwork it's a smart way of saving our land....


Waist: Snapped 32 inches

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SKU: SN91BearGDaccessories